Modern Award Entitlements

Modern Awards

Awards have long been a feature of Australia’s industrial relation’s landscape. Traditionally awards have operated in a range of circumstances covering either industry sectors or enterprises. Under the modernisation process undertaken by Fair Work Australia awards were simplified from the 2000+ awards that previously operate to around about 120 key industry awards.

By reducing awards to key industry awards it is anticipated that every employee in Australia will be covered by an award that applies to their industry sector. This will make awards more relevant and make it easier for employers and employees to understand the conditions that apply to the workplace.

Awards are now limited to 10 minimum employment standards. Different industries (agriculture, defence, transport, etc) may have a different set of minimums based on the requirements of the particular industry.

 The 10 minimum employment standards to be included in modern awards include:

 1.         Minimum wages (in next slide)

2.         Type of work performed (full time/ casual)

3.         Arrangements for when work performed (span of hours, rostering, breaks)

4.         Overtime rates

5.         Penalty rates

6.         Minimum annualised wage arrangements (as an alternative to penalty rates)

7.         Allowances

8.         Leave, leave loading & leave arrangements

9.         Superannuation

10.        Consultation, representation and dispute settling procedures